Routes of Galicia | Xacobeo 2022. Año Santo Jacobeo

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Route information: Xacobeo 2022. Año Santo Jacobeo

Xacobeo 2022. Año Santo Jacobeo

The Jacobean Holy Year (in Galician, Ano Santo Xacobeo), also known as the Compostela Holy Year, Holy Year of Santiago, or simply Jacobean, is a Catholic celebration that takes place in the Spanish city of Santiago de Compostela, in Galicia, the year in which July 25, the feast of Santiago Apóstol, falls on a Sunday. This occurs with a regular cadence of 6-5-6-11 years (except when the last year of a century is not a leap year, where there may be gaps of 7 or 12 years), so that every century fourteen Jacobean Holy Years are celebrated.

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